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About Numerologist

Famous astrologer and numerologist in ujjain, India Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar is known for his genuine guidance with astrology, numerology and vaastu world wide.

Anyone can get the most accurate horoscope reading, numerology reading online and through personal consultation.
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About Numerologist

The aim of '' is to provide the real guidance through magical number suggestions, name correction, compatibility match to make professional and personal life better and successful.

The astrologer and numerologist(Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar) use astrology and numerology with his own experience of years for correct predictions and remedies of problems of personal life, professional life, business, love life, health issues etc.

Get the best predictions related to unforeseen problems and alternate ways to solve issues of life.

Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar is one of the most famous numerologist and astrologer with more than 18+ Years of experience. He is from ujjain(The city of mahakal), Madhya Pradesh, India.Kumbh mela also held here once in 12 years.

He is very dedicated to his professional and continuously make research to provide the best to clients all over the world online.

Best Solutions of any problem is possible only when in-depth analysis of birth-chart and impact of numbers are studied carefully.

Predictions of numerologist cum astrologer helps in reducing the intensity of malefic planets and bad energies.

Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar(Numerologist,astrologer and vastu consultant) services are carefully designed to solve the problems of personal life and professional life.

Every one in this world has a right to live a happy and prosperous life but due to impact of malefic planets, bad energies and lack of knowledge many are suffering a lot.

Let's Take the advantage of numerology, astrology vaastu and make our life successful, prosperous, healthy.

Benefits of Numerology:

Numerology is the science of reading the impact of numbers in human life. This prediction method is used to understand the personality, the opportunities in life as per his strength and influence present in personality.

The real work of NUMEROLOGIST is not to tell future but to discover the potential present in person and also to reveal the power of numbers in his or her life.

A magical method used to change the life positively is name correction as per the lucky number of any many stars and successful business persons who have got success after changing name and starting a work in a particular date as per guidance of numerologist.

Let's see some benefits of Numerology:

  1. We can change our name as per this and enhance our luck to bring success in life.
  2. We can have our lucky date and date to start any auspicious work with success.
  3. Numerology helps in choosing right life partner.
  4. We can get good tips to make our relationships full of love and wonderful.
  5. Numerologist can help to make harmonious relationship with family members, workers, lover, people around etc.
  6. We can know our own strength and weaknesses which will further help in choosing career, making friends, unforeseen challenges etc.
About astrologer and numerologist(Dr.Om Prakash Bhatnagar), benefits of numerology consultaion.

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