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Holi Numerology Tips By Numerologist

Holi and numerology predictions, holi day, how to make holi special with numerology tips, stars position. There is one festival which is the sign of love, fun, enjoyment, colorful environment and this festival is celebrated in India once in a year and is known as HOLI. This festival of color is enjoyed on the Full Moon Day of Falgun Month as per hindu panchang.
In actual Holika dahan is done on the night of full moon day and on the next day i.e. on the Ekam of Chaitra month as per hindu calendar people play the color which is also known as DHULENDI. Holi is the sign of ending of winter season and so people enjoy color, water on this day and enjoy whole day with friends, family members, neighbors etc.
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How Stars Are present in Gochar kundli on the day of Holi? Moon will sit with Leo or virgo zodiac, sun sits with Aquarius or pisces zodiac, Rahu sits with Sagittarius. So as per vedic astrology the moon emerge positive energ…