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Love Marriage predictions as per date of birth

Love marriage predictions by using birth date in numerology by numerologist, love life reading in numerology.

Marriage is one of the very important factor in life and when the subject is related to love marriage then the matter is very different because here the responsibilities comes on the boy and girl because there are many parents who do not entertain love marriage.
love marriages as per date of birth in numerology by best numerologist in ujjain
Love Marriage predictions as per date of birth
So here it is also very important for boy and girl to think deeply before deciding to live life together for long. Numerology and astrology together can help a lot in case of deciding about love marriage. There are 9 numbers and every number is related with some specific qualities or characteristics.In the same way every human being has a specific BIRTH DATE and this reveals many characteristics of a person. If friends’ number people live together then no doubt they can enjoy life but 2 person with enemy number may live a dissatisfied life. So it is good to consult NUMEROLOGIST and astrologer for guidance about marriage.
While deciding about love marriage, it is good to not move with emotions too much because in life various circumstances may come and god and in that time, everyone need a compatible partner who can support.
It is also not good to see only the beautiful face while deciding about marriage, some fall in love by seeing the beautiful face and strong body which is not at all good for whole life.

What is important Factor In case of Love Marriage?

NATURE! Yes, this is the most important factor which is considered most while deciding about marriage, because you have to live complete life with a person who is not known to you for long. So 1 wrong decision may arise many problems in life.
In numerology, we can decide about anyone through BIRTH DATE, Destiny number, name number etc.

Before knowing about characteristics of different number, lets know about Date of Birth Categories:

  1. In numerology Your MAIN NUMBER is 1 if you born on 1st, 10, 19 and 28 of any month.
  2. In Ank jyotish Your MAIN NUMBER is 2 if you born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 of any month.
  3. In numerology Your MAIN NUMBER is 3 if you born on 3t, 12, 21 and 30 of any month.
  4. In Ank jyotish Your MAIN NUMBER is 4 if you born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 of any month.
  5. In numerology Your MAIN NUMBER is 5 if you born on 5, 14 and 23 of any month.
  6. In Ank jyotish Your MAIN NUMBER is 6 if you born on 6, 15 and 24 of any month
  7. In numerology Your MAIN NUMBER is 7 if you born on 7, 16 and 25 of any month.
  8. In Ank jyotish Your MAIN NUMBER is 8 if you born on 8, 17 and 26 of any month.
  9. In numerology Your MAIN NUMBER is 9 if you born on 9, 18 and 27 of any month

Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 1:
They like romance but they don’t want to compromise in any case and always try to lead in every situation, this is why sometimes big problems may arise in love life and partner may feel uncomfortable with them.
Since they don’t want to compromise and so they want to marry with a person of their own choice which is good for them but not always comfortable for other in long run. The number one is ruled by planet sun and so is the king. They are a good travelers and so are instable too, due to this nature they always move ahead in search of satisfaction.
Number 1 people are knowledgeable no doubt, and this also generate the feeling is superiority, which is not good for love marriage.
Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 2:
Number 2 is ruled by planet moon and so there nature changes time to time just like moon changes daily.The number two people are loyal, emotional and peaceful. They try to live in dream instead of practical life, this is the most negative part of their life.
If they fall in love then it is not possible to detach them with partner. If these people get a good partner of their nature then no doubt there love marriage may be very successful.
They are not able to control their emotions and due to this they face many problems in life because clever people use them emotionally.
Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 3:
Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and so is very practical in nature as Jupiter is related with knowledge. They are somehow having ego problem and don’t want to get dominated in any case. Due to this, in case of love marriage, the partner has to sacrifice a lot.
Number 3 people are ambitious and so in long run their personal life get disturbed due to engage in professional life and social life. These people are very practical and so try to use there every moment. These people enter in depth of any subject and due to this also there love marriage get disturbed if done in hurry sometime.
Knowledge and achievement is more important for them in comparison to love and emotions.
Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 4:
Number 4 is ruled by shadow planet rahu and is very important to know about this that this planet give a very strange behavior and is not predictable. Which thinking and which incident may change their mind is unpredictable.
If they fall in love then no doubt they are very genuine but if they are forced for arrange marriage then it is possible that they may engage in extramarital affairs.
Emotions are not very important for them instead they have some dream plans which is very important for them and this may cause problems in love marriage in long run.
Due to their mysterious behavior misconceptions arise in love marriage time to time.

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Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 5:
Number 5 is ruled by planet mercury which is very in-stable in nature and always wander for satisfaction, this may cause problems in love marriages too. Because it is very possible that they may move with someone else for satisfaction.
Love is not important for them but to have s@x is more important, so if the partner is emotional feeling with them then definitely problems may arise in long run.
Number 5 people are also very friendly and this may also create problems in love life and arise misconceptions with the real partner.
To make relationship with more than 1 is fun for them and they enjoy this habit. Although when they realize the reality of life then they become loyal for 1.
Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 6:
Venus is the master of number 6 which is related with love, romance, entertainment, luxury etc. and so these type of persons are very attractive personality which easily attract the opposite S@x. These persons are actually master in making true relationship and also aware about the ways to please the partner.
Sometime it is possible that over energy of Venus may force the person to make extra marital affairs which may cause problem but they have the power to manage every situation. Number 6 people want to live a peaceful life with their beloved and for this they generally take every precaution. Although their life may suffer due to their charming nature and attractive personality

Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 7:
Number 7 is ruled by planet Ketu and so is a mysterious number. These people have power to think very deeply and this makes their life serious. Romance and love is a type of study for them and they try to find the reality behind anything, this may create problems in love life and love marriage.
They need a very clever partner who understands their feeling at current moment so as to manage the situation. Misconceptions in love marriage are a part of their life due to their nature.
Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 8:
Number 8 is ruled by planet Saturn and there for every loyal and disciplined. But in spite of this they suffer a lot in married life.
It is a very common that number 8 people tries a lot to enjoy their love marriage but some incidents or misconception always arise problems of different types.
Although they are not very romantic in love life but they are loyal which is a very important factor in love marriage?

Love Marriage Life Numerology Predictions for People Having Number 9:
Number 9 is ruled by planet Mars and is therefore full of energy, they have more expectations with their partner which is a reason of clashes in love marriage. Due to having energy, they need a good partner who is also full of energy to satisfy the physical need otherwise it is possible that they may engage in extra marital affairs.
Number 9 people love life affected due to the more than one relationship. But if they get a good partner then no doubt, they are very genuine partner and true lover.
It is always better to go for love compatibility match before taking decision about marriage.

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Love marriage predictions by using birth date in numerology by numerologist, love life reading in numerology.


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