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How to calculate destiny number through Name?

How to calculate destiny number through Name?, Details of different destiny number. How to convert name in number?.

Destiny Number in numerology -

If you are a numerology lover then destiny number is very important for you, this number reveals the behavior, efforts need to achieve goal, impact of luck in life etc.
The destiny number may be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33. 
how to calculate destiny number in numerology
destiny number calculation
DESTINY NUMBER is also called as ROOT NUMBER. To calculate the destiny number through name, it is necessary to convert the name in numbers, for this we must know the number associated with alphabets. For this we can either use the Chaldean method or Pythagorean method. 

List of alphabets and number in Pythagorean method:

Numbers Related Alphabets
1 A, J, S
2 B, K, T
3 C, L, U
4 D, M, V
5 E, N, W
6 F, O, X
7 G, P, Y
8 H, Q, Z
9 I, R

List of alphabets and number in Chaldean method:

Numbers Related Alphabets
1 A, I, J, Q, Y
2 B, K, R
3 C, G, L, S
4 D, M, T
5 E, H, N, X
6 U, V, W
7 O, Z
8 F, P

Now we have the numbers associated with alphabets, so we can easily convert the names in a single digit number. 
Take the full name i.e First name, middle name and last name and take the associated number, then add all  and reduce it till single digit number.

Let’s understand this wit a practical example, I am using the CHALDEAN METHOD here:

Ram singh Yadav = (2+1+4) + (3+1+5+3+5) +(1+1+4+1+6) = 7+17+13 = 7+1+7+1+3= 19=10=1
So the destiny number or root number of Ram singh yadav is 1
Swapna Mittal = (3+6+1+8+5+1) + (4+1+4+4+1+3) = 24+17 = 2+4+1+7= 14 = 5
So the destiny number of swapna mittal is 5.


After calculating the destiny number, it is necessary to know something about what it says about our life. So here are the details, which will definitely help numerology lovers to understand the life.
  1. Name Destiny Number 1 - Number 1 is ruled by the planet Sun which bless the person with Leadership quality, independent nature, Creative, art lover, travelling lover, romantic. They like to gain and distribute knowledge to others and also like to have name, fame in society and no doubt, destiny support them to achieve this. 
  2. Name Destiny Number 2- Number 2 is ruled by the planet Moon which bless person with sensitivity, emotions, kind heart, honest. Number 2 people like to make true friend and are very emotional. They actually want to live in peace and so try to avoid the place where they don't get proper support and response. These people also spend much time in dreaming. Instability is another weak point of number 2 people. 
  3. Name Destiny Number 3 - Number 3 is ruled by The Jupiter which blesses the person with knowledge, creative, having values in life, master, motivator etc. Number 3 people get the support of destiny and are very talented. People take advise, guidance from them. Sometimes ego affects the life of number 3 people.
  4. Name Destiny Number 4 - Number 4 is ruled by the planet Uranus/Raahu which bless the person with mysterious nature, logical mind etc. They know how to create illusions and they are aware about the false things in life. Because of over concerned, there behavior become rigid with others and this may cause problems in life. Obstinacy is another negative characteristic of number 4.
  5. Name Destiny Number 5 - Number 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury which bless the person with communication skill, versatility, dynamic personality, aware about surrounding and ready to en-cash the opportunities. These persons are able to impress other easily and know how to get work done. These people have good selling power, writing power, presentation power. In actual they are very clever to understand the situation and mold themselves as per the environment.  Because of there in-stable nature, they are restless and suffer from hypertension easily. 
  6. Destiny Name Number 6 - Number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus which bless the person with hypnotic personality. They have good power to attract the opposite sex and so become successful advisor, teacher, star, celebrities etc. No.6 people are very responsible and so success in the field of love, family life, social life. They are very romantic and also expert in psychology and due to this they easily impress anyone and win their trust. 
  7. Destiny Name Number 7 - Number 7 is ruled by the planet Neptune/Ketu which bless the person with Spirituality, logical mind, mysterious mind, intelligence etc. They are also expert in creating illusions but they are themselves aware about any event. There imagination power is also very good and they have 6th sense power. 
  8. Destiny Name Number 8 - Number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn which bless the person with hard working power, stability, decision maker, responsibilities etc. Number 8 people are disciplined and generally don't want interference in there work. These people try to make balance in life and regular think for this. These people are introvert in nature. 
  9. Destiny Name Number 9 - Number 9 is ruled by the planet Mars which bless the person with Courage, strength, Aggression etc. These people are ready to take challenges in life and are ambitions too. They are ready to do anything to achieve their goal in life. Due to strong physical and mind power, they are aggressive too and impatience also seen in there personality. 
  10. Name Destiny Number 11 - Number 11 is ruled by the planet Moon which blesses the person with emotions, sensitivity, kind heart, peace etc. There imagination power is very powerful and so they easily know what the person want from him or her. Number 11 people trust blindly if trust anyone. 
  11. Name Destiny Number 22 - Number 22 is ruled by the planet Rahu/Uranus which blesses the person with illusion power, planning power, practical thinking power etc. Sudden changes are part of there life which sometimes disturb them if change is negative. Some people of 22 numbers also face black magic problem due to hidden enemies.
  12. Name Destiny Number 33 - Number 33 people are charming and are very trustworthy. They intelligent enough to impress the opposite sex and so have a very good image in society. These people are amazing and rock in whatever field they enter. Celebrities, motivators, stars have good power of number 6 in their life.

How to calculate destiny number through Name?, Details of different destiny number. How to convert name in number?.


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