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Relationship Compatibility Match

Relationship Compatibility match by numerologist, know the best numbers compatible with you, choose the lucky life partner for you. 

When the point is to choose the best life partner then the study of life path number is one of the most important factor in numerology.
love match calculator in numerology
Relationship Compatibility Match

Life path number reveals important things about your personality and so while doing match making it is taken for analysis. 
  • Reveal the love life by numerology. 
  • Know about who will become best partner for you. 
  • Who will be a perfect match for you?
  • How compatible are you for whole life?
  • Discover if you are made for each other as per numerology compatibility and a complete details of your life path number. 

How life path number is calculated?

Life path number is calculated by adding the date of birth, month of birth and the year of birth. See the below examples –
  • Sarita was born on 12/06/1981 then (12+06+1981) = (1+2+6+1+9+8+1)= 28=(2+8)=10=1.
  • So the life path number of sarita is 1.
  • Hemant was born on 15/06/1999= (15+06+1999)= (1+5+6+1+9+9+9)= 40=(4+0)= 4, So life path number of heman is 4.
  • In the same way if anothony was born on 14/12/1980 , = (14+12+1980)= (1+4+1+2+1+9+8+0)= 26=(2+6)= 8, So anthony has life path number 8.

Relationship Compatibility Chart By Numerologist and Astrologer:

Heart sign shows the compatibility in the chart. 
love compatibility chart by best numerologist and astrologer
compatibility chart by numerologist

Bed Time Compatibility Match Calculator:

If you are interested to know about bed time compatibility through numerology then read further:

One of the important aspects of love life and marriage life is bed time compatibility, it is necessary to know that who will be the best compatible partner for us to enjoy the night life or very personal time.
Find out what your numerology number says about your night life.

Numerology if added with vedic astrology then gives us in-depth information about our future and the ways to make our love life wonderful, give success in career, make our social life successful. Use the tips of numerologist and make your life wonderful, successful and hurdler-free.

How to calculate S@x Number For Compatibility?

To find the s@x number the first name is used. Take the numbers of your first name and add them to get the S@x number and then check it with the friendly number.

Letters Associated Number
A,I,J,Q,Y 1
b,K,R 2
C,G,L,S 3
D,M,T 4
E,H,N,X 5
U,V,W 6
O,Z 7
F,P 8

For example : If your name is Rajesh vrindaban then the first name is Rajesh= (2+1+1+5+3+5) = 17= , so eight Is the S@x name number of the person.

Below is the table which shows compatibility match as per the experience of Astrologer and Numerologist:

Number S@x compatibility With
1 3 and 5
2 2 and 6
3 3, 1 and 5
4 4 and 8
5 5, 1 and 6
6 6 and 2
7 7 and 3
8 8 and 7
9 9, 6 and 3

Lets Know About the Night life of different Number:

  1. s@x life of Number 1 by numerologist and astrologer.
  2. s@x life of Number 2 as per numerology.
  3. s@x life of Number 3 numerologist and astrologer.
  4. s@x life of Number 4 as per numerology.
  5. s@x life of Number 5 numerologist and astrologer.
  6. s@x life of Number 6 as per numerology.
  7. s@x life of Number 7 numerologist and astrologer.
  8. s@x life of Number 8 as per numerology.
  9. s@x life of Number 9 numerologist and astrologer.

s@x life of Number 1:

You are very romantic and you can give a good comfort to your partner in bedroom. You try to enjoy your bed time fully in a different way. If you get a partner who understand your desire then no doubt you both can rock in the bedroom and also travel to enjoy the personal time in different place.

S@x Life of Number 2:

You are romantic and emotional too and try to be honest with a single partner life long. You think more than the bed time. You don't treat partner as a enjoying tool for you but you express real love with in bed time. 
Number 2 are in search of a real and true lovers in life.

S@x Life of Number 3:

Number 3 is a very sincere and on the other hand research is one of the important part of your personality, this will insist you to enjoy with your partner in different style. The desires of number 3 people are very different. If your partner don't understand you then you are not able to enjoy the time really.

S@x Life of Number 4:

No one can predict that how this number people will react in bed. Sometime aggressive and sometime very shy.These people want a comfort zone to do everything openly. Once they got an environment of ease, they are ready to rock and enjoy the bed time in a good manner.

S@x Life of Number 5:

Number 5 is a in-stable and funny and so this is sometime abnormal for a sincere partner. 5 number people use s@x as a medicine and just want to enjoy the time in bed. They don't want to think more than bed-time. Somehow, this number is self-centered.

S@x Life of Number 6:

This number people are real players and know the real ways to satisfy partner and also give equally chance to partner to enjoy the bed time. One special thing about you is to find a new way to enjoy the night life, routine way of enjoying is not accepted by number 6. 

S@x Life of Number 7:

Heart connection is necessary to activate number 7 people for s@x. They are very dedicated and think much about the partner and this sometime stop them to show there performance at peak level. It is good to talk with the partner in this case. They need an interesting seducing power get involved with the partner. 

S@x Life of Number 8:

Number 8 is aggressive and sometime bore but you try to satisfy your partner at your level best but sometimes due to introvert nature, you don't find comfortable with your love. It is necessary to react as per environment to enjoy life. 

S@x Life of Number 9:

Very powerful and aggressive in bed. You need a powerful partner to enjoy the night life or bed life  otherwise it is not possible to satisfy your desires. Due to good stamina, your partner get satisfied easily but this is not about you. 

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Relationship Compatibility match by numerologist, know the best numbers compatible with you, choose the lucky life partner for you.


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