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Name Compatibility Match In Numerology

Name Compatibility Match In Numerology, benefits of name correction, how numerologist perform name compatibility with birth details.

This is a very important part of numerology lovers; name correction is done to enhance luck in life and so is very important. Our name is used by family members, friends, by people in society and so this is the main source of energy in our life. If name is lucky then no doubt one can get everything in life to enjoy this materialistic world.
benefits of name compatibility match
Name Compatibility Match In Numerology

So every numerologist check the name compatibility match for which the number obtained from name is matched with the number obtained from date of birth. If both the match is good then no doubt the name is lucky for the person but in case if name number is enemy of birth date number then in this case it is necessary to change the name or any alphabet to enhance luck in life.
There are many persons around us who have changed 1 letter in their name and then success entered in their life. We can also find many bollywood and Hollywood stars who have used numerology to get name and fame in the world.

Numerology is a Predictive cum Remedial Science:

A lucky name opens the door of success in every segment of life like as career, personality, business, love life, social life, job etc. 
By knowing the impact of good and bad numbers in our life, we are able to increase the impact of positive numbers in our life and decrease the effect of negative numbers in our life.
We can use the number science to choose our mobile number, vehicle number, shopping, starting any new work, joining any job, starting business etc. 

Vedic Astrology and Numbers:

There are 9 numbers and there are 9 planets and every number is related with a planet and so every number has a cosmic vibration. So while giving remedies to any one numbers are used for example some astrologers ask person to donate 8 Saturday, to go to any temple for 3 Tuesday, to take 7 round of peepal tree etc.
So vedic astrologers also use this science of number in a different way, but it work. People are using numerology for decades to make their life problem-free.

Let’s Understand How Name compatibility is checked?

  1. First of all moolank  or root number is calculated by adding only date of birth of person. For example, if birth date is 20th june 1970 then the moolank is 2+0 = 2. 
  2. Next is Bhagyank or destiny number is calculated by adding date of birth, month of birth and year of birth. For example Destiny number of 20-06-1970 is 2+0+0+6+1+9+7+0= 2+5=7.
  3. Next step is to find out the Name number which is also known as Namank. For this all the number related to any name is added to bring a particular number. For example the name number of ‘RAM’ is 2+1+4 = 7.
  4. Now the name number is matched with the root number and destiny number to check whether they are friend or enemy. In case the numbers are friend of each other then no problem but in case of enemy NAME CORRECTION is suggested by numerologist and astrologer.
Life become full of challenges, obstacles if name number is not matched with the destiny number and root number. In this case person faces problems in love life, career, status, job etc.

So it is good to consult an experienced numerologist and astrologer to know the exact reasons of problems in life and then ask for good and powerful remedies.

Consult numerologist and astrologer to know the lucky number, lucky date, lucky day, favorable color to enhance life with health, wealth and prosperity.

Dr. Om Prakash is ready to guide everyone to make life wonderful by using the occult sciences. He guide by using numerology, vedic astrology, palmistry, vastu to bring success in life from all direction.

Name Compatibility Match In Numerology, benefits of name correction, how numerologist perform name compatibility with birth details.

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