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Compatibility Between Your Name and Business Name

Compatibility between the owner of any business and the name of business is one of the most important factors for the success in this competitive world. 
numerology compatibility between name and business name
Compatibility Between Your Name and Business Name
If the name number and the business number is not matching then the person may face struggle to run that business. On the other hand if number of business and name is matched then no doubt the cosmic energy of both numbers can help for the smooth running of business.

There must be matched among the name number, day number, life path number and business name number for the successful business.

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Business numerology is about choosing the best name for the business; you are going to start or already running.  We cannot ignore the cosmic power of words as well as the numbers. For general people who will become the customer’s needs an energetic name which can fill them with positivity. 
A compatible business name will definitely enhance the destiny and helps in bringing prosperity in life.

If businessmen use the lucky color, lucky name as per numerology principles then no doubt success from all direction will enter in life.
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Marketing In Business through numerology:

Marketing is one of the core need for any business and the NAME OF ANY BUSINESS is the first marketing tool which attract the customers or clients. Here numerology principles help you a lot to find the best name for you. 

Types of Business:

There are many types of business one can run and there may be many type of services given by different service providers. 
  • You may have manufacturing unit.
  • You may be engaged in research work.
  • Investment related business like Insurance, tax consultant.
  • Public related services like as marriage bureau, hospital, etc.
  • You may engage in event management, art work, landscaping.
  • You may be in entertaining industry like music, singing, film making.
  • You may have insurance company, Real Estate Company, security company, software development company.
  • You may have tour and travel Service Company, publishing company etc.
  • You may have school, coaching institutes, training center, counseling centers etc.
  • It is possible that you may have fund raising company.
There is no problem whatever business you are running or you want to run, It is necessary to keep a name which must be compatible with your name. This will boost your life which is the basic need of every businessman.

Which is better Chaldean system or Pythagorean System?

In any numerology research, it is necessary to convert the letters into numbers and for this 2 systems are popular
2 Main Number System Used For Numerology Research:
  1. Pythagorean system
  2. Chaldean Number system
Some numerologist use Pythagorean and some use Chaldean numerology principle.

What is the difference between Chaldean system and Pythagorean system?

  • The basic difference is that in Chaldean is that 9 is associated with no alphabet as the number 9 is taken as the SACRED NUMBER.
  • While in the Pythagorean system, I and R are associated with 9.
  • Next is in Pythagorean system all alphabets are assigns sequentially like numbers. For example A=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5 and so on.
  • While in Chaldean system, sounds and tones of alphabets are used to assign numbers.
Since Chaldean is the older one and so consider as more accurate for numerology prediction and so Here in ‘’, numerologist and astrologer use the Chaldean method for calculation. He is using this method for the last 18 years, And not only this, vedic astrology principles are also considered for best predictions and remedies. 
Find the Both Chart Below:
chaldean chart online for calculation
chaldean chart

online pythagorean chart with alphabets and numbers
pythagorean chart

Compatibility between Your Name and Business Name, Pythagorean chart and chaldean Numerology chart, which is better system for numerology research.

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