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Black Magic Healing

Black magic healing ways, problems due to voodoo, protection shield, popular methods of dark magic, advantage of white magic, disadvantage and types of black magic.

How to Remove Black Magic Spells?

Removing black magic is not an easy task, deep study of attack is necessary and then it is good to adopt proper method to heal person affected with black magic or witchcraft or voodoo or kala jadoo. 
Blessings of positive energies is necessary to save any person from impact of bad energies, spiritual healing methods also used to cure person, there are some amulet which are made by using protection spells are also one of the best way to cure people affected with black magic. 
black magic healer in india, best remedies of dark energies attack
Black Magic Healing
First of all it must be kept in mind that it is not at all good to practice dark energies practice as this harm user and the target both. So avoid such practices for the well being of everyone.
There are many users and family which are destroyed by using such practices to get there work done.
Another thing to keep in mind is that only removing black magic is not enough because attacker may use next attempt to destroy. So it is necessary to wear protection shield after curing. This help in securing the person from future attacks.

Ways to overcome from dark energies attack:

  • There are different types of methods used in different countries for example –
  • There are some utaras i.e. to move some particular product from the person and throw it to remove negativity.
  • There are some special prayers which are done to remove black magic.
  • There are some protection shields, amulet or tabeej which are used to cure and save from further attack.
  • There are spiritual healing methods used by healers to transfer positive energies in victim.
Strong will power is necessary to perform the removal practices because sometimes dark energies attack on the healer too. 

Effects of Black Magic:

Voodoo rituals, kala jadu spells, dark energies push the person in a dark world and the person suffer from physical and mental illness, organ failure, relationship breakup, loss in business, loss of job etc. So it is necessary to take the removal techniques as soon as possible.
  1. Dark energies affect on income and person deprived of earning from any direction.
  2. Since negative forces affect the decision making power and working ability so in this case service man lost the job.
  3. Bad luck enter in life and everywhere person face failure and losses.
  4. Frightening dreams affect the night which lead to various health issues.
  5. Couple face relationship problem.
  6. Lovers may face breakup problem.
  7. Some try to commit suicide and again and again.
  8. Some women face period’s problem.
  9. Some women are unable to conceive.
  10. Paranormal activity is also seen in some victims.
  11. Some male or female are forced to do unwanted relationship.
  12. Some victims face accidents which lead to death sometime.
  13. Mental illness is also a common scene.
  14. Victim of black magic get angry easily without any genuine reasons.
  15. Unwanted fear always harasses the victim of dark energies.
  16. Depression is also seen.

Disadvantages of using Black magic:

The user of this occult science is a negative minded person and activate the dark forces in this universe to get the work done. So the things which are used in performing dark magics are also not good. Here blood, menstruation cloth, dust below feet, organs of animals, dolls, pins etc are used which are very dangerous.
Black magic is done to block the positive energies which are helpful for the growth of anyone. This is a process to insist someone to do the thing against his or her will and so It is not accepted socially.
The major disadvantages of using black magic is that the user also pay a lot in long run because of negative forces which are not good for anyone.

Advantages of white Magic or Vedic Ways for Healing:

This is a way to use the blessings of divine energies to protect ourselves and to open the ways of success.  Here no harm to any thing is done and no wrong things are used. Spells used in white magic are related to god and goddess who are actually the positive forces in this universe.
White magic helps in making life positively. It helps in making us strong from inside and have permanent impacts in ourlife

Types of Black Magic

  • Louisiana Voodoo is popular in West Africa from Ghana to Nigeria.
  • Mexican, Hoodo is popular in mexico
  • Sifli black magic is popular in muslim countries.
  • Peruvian magic is popular in Chiclayo, Peru
  • Aghore magic is from india
  • Santet, pellet, gasing tengkorak, Pesugihan, Babi Ngepet, Cetik,  Palasik, Leak are 8 black magic used in Indonesia.
Whatever type of black-magic may affect your life, divine energies are ready to help and cure, So do consult Astrologer and numerologist for best remedies of black magic.

Black magic healing ways, problems due to voodoo, protection shield, popular methods of dark magic, advantage of white magic, disadvantage and types of black magic.


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