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name compatibility match

name compatibility match for marriage, compatibility match for business, for partnership. This is very important to check the whether the name is lucky or not, partner is lucky or not for whole life, name of firm or business is ok or not. Numerologist provide best matching service world wide to make life wonderful, hurdle-free. Get the best number astrology for you, get the lucky numbers and lucky colors, lucky day, lucky charm for you.

Black Magic Healing

black magic is curse and if it is done then no doubt any thing is possible, infact death is possible, get the best remedies of black magic, vodoo magic, kala jadoo, from world best numerologist in ujjain, india. solution of black magic in tantra, remedies of vodoo with guaranteed result. If you are suffering in career, love life, social status, progeny because of black magic then get the best solution from spiritual healer, numerologist, astrologer. If money is blocked by evil effects. If wife is not getting conceived due to black magic. If business is blocked then get remedies from astrologer and numerologist, black magic healer.

Numerology Calculations

Numerology calculator is the best way to know the name root number, namank, moolanak, destiny number calculator, bhagyaank. Calculation of root number, destiny number online by best numerologist to make life successful. get the solution of love life problem. remedies of black magic remedies for job, business by numbers. Get the best gems stone, lucky number calculation online by astrologer and numerologist.

Numerology Calculator: Find Your Ruling Number/destiny number/root number.

how to calculate ruling number- For this add the numbers of your birth date. In other words, the sum of the date of birth is termed as your ruling number.This is the main number affect your life.

Numerology Calculator used by numerolgist is used to provide details information about love life, career, social life, etc.

Numerology Calculator is also used to correct our name and enhance luck to achieve success in life easily.

Astrology Solutions

Astrology is said to be the eyes of vedas and a wonderful tool to forecast future, Here astrologer is ready to give details report of your horoscope, kundli, birth chart. Get yearly report, monthly report. Get the best report of your horoscope from astrologer. Know about lucky gems stone from your birth chart. Know about the best pooja/prayer for you through kundli reading. best horoscope reader for perfect reading and 100% guaranteed solution of problem. astrology solutions of love problem. Relationship problem remedies in vedic astrology. breakup problem solution by astrologer.


Numbers shows our destiny and are important from the point of view of knowing our power points and weakness as per numerology. One of the best numerologist Dr.Om prakash is ready to help world wide through numerology and vedic astrology. Know about Number 1 details in numerology system. Know about Number 2 details in number astrology. Characteristics of number 3 in numerology. characteristics of number 4 in numerology. Know about Number 5 details from numerologist om prakash. Know about Number 6 details from numerologist. what 9 says about person in numerology. Name correction, compatibility match, number reading service online

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Here at, vedic numerologist AIM is to guide people to understand the cosmic power of stars, numbers in our life and to adopt a proper approach to live life successfully. Here guidance is not only given by reading numbers but birth chart is also studied properly for accurate reading and solutions of problems. Numerology reading will help you to understand the strength and loopholes in-depth and to build powerful personality by using occult sciences.

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